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Civil Air Search and Rescue Association

The Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, or CASARA, is a Canada-wide volunteer aviation association dedicated to the promotion of Aviation Safety, and to the provision of air search support services to the National Search and Rescue Program.

Membership is open to aircraft owners and pilots, as well as to those who wish to receive training as spotters and navigators. Members receive training in fields such as aviation safety, meteorology, survival awareness search techniques and procedures.

In April 1986 CASARA incorporated independent provincial and regional groups that were formed before to form a National Organization. Presently, CASARA operates in all thirteen (13) provinces and territories and has access to approximately 375 aircraft and has 2596 certified pilots, navigators and spotters to fill the positions of crewmember. Yearly, CASARA volunteers devote over 188,000 hours to help in the aid of others.

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